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The Law Office of Adam G. Gasner is a full service criminal defense law firm. We provide aggressive and sophisticated representation to people under criminal investigation or charged with a crime. The primary goal of my law office is to have all charges against my clients dismissed. I treat each client as I would expect to be treated — in a professional and confidential manner.

If you are under investigation or charged with a crime, I will consult with you in person and at no charge to you. In this consultation I will explain your rights and options. A criminal case requires a thorough defense investigation. Many lawyers rely too heavily on the police reports to outline the facts of a criminal case. This is a mistake. The police reports are written by people that want you to go to jail or prison. They are often exaggerated or boiler-plate narratives and sometimes are outright wrong and lies. I spend the extra time to interview witnesses myself and to personally locate all relevant defense evidence


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