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The Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in the Bay Area

Adam expertly helped me navigate a very difficult situation. His decades of experience and calm, professional attitude got me the best possible outcome. Seeing Adam's interaction prosecutors and other defense attorneys, I could clearly see he is widely respected by the community. Overall, hiring Adam was one of the decisions of my life.


Highly recommended

I'm grateful every day that I chose Adam to represent me. From my first phone consultation with him (after a few calls with other attorneys that left me unimpressed), it was clear that he was who I wanted to represent me. He took the time to really explain the process. It wasn't always what I wanted to hear, but he was candid and reassuring. For the 10 months I worked with him - ending in a very favorable result - I felt confident in his strategy and skills, and I felt supported. I also appreciated his terrific assistant John, who was always available and always kept me apprised of exactly what was happening in my case. Adam's experience and relationships in the court were absolutely critical at every hearing. He inspired my confidence each step of the way and I recommend him wholeheartedly as a truly exceptional advocate.


Greatly Recommend This Attorney

I greatly recommend this attorney. He is a very honest person. He made sure that the truth was bound to come out. He got the case dismissed before even going to arraignment. I'm happy that I found him.


Lawyer Review

Adam Gasner saved me from a conviction that would have been severely damaging to my life and the lives of my family. With his smart and steady approach in dealing with all the obstacles presented by the court system, the inconsistencies in attorneys prosecuting the case, and with the variables in the different judges in how they viewed my circumstances, he helped me overcome a potential felony conviction. He handled my case by working closely with me and my husband to prepare, always listening carefully, and always with attention and respect.  He worked with my extended family to prepare a mitigation folder in my defense and then used it wisely and strategically to help overturn the charge. Adam Gasner is generous and kind yet knowledgeable and tough in his approach to preparing his cases, maneuvering through the system, and reaching the best possible outcome for his clients. His legal assistant, John Thomas, is helpful, reliable, and easy to work with. Seek out!


Adam is an expert with a heart

i consulted with Adam on two different occasions. he is much more helpful than the attorney i hired and gave me the right directions and great referrals. i highly value his expertise. each time after i gained clarify on my cases and was ready to proceed in the right direction, i asked him to send me an invoice for his time spent helping me, he would tell me not to worry about it. the best i can do is to write a review so that people know about him. as some of us may know, not every attorney is as great as Adam. i have literally spent thousands of dollars on a case that was never filed, with another attorney that i hired. she is not an expert in the area, but she has been "helping" me through the years. she would rather the outcome for the money even if she has no expertise in the area. if you need consultation or to hire an attorney for criminal defense, try Adam. i hope you will be satisfied.


Very Professional

Very professional experience.

I had a case serious one actually I had lots of charges 28 to be precise he helped so much this was my first time getting in trouble and he did such a great job better then wat I was expecting if you need a great lawyer call Adam great experience me and my family are thankful and forever grateful thank you Adam


Break Glass In Case of Emergency

Adam stepped in to replace my initial attorney from another firm who was employing an extremely passive approach and had me convinced the best outcome was going to be an extremely punitive settlement with life altering consequences for a charge I was not guilty of. Every attorney I consulted with said it would be extremely difficult to defend my case especially with a DA that has a reputation for being aggressive and unsympathetic to my kind of cases.

By the time I contacted Adam I had lost all hope, but during our consultation he spent the time to discuss a few strategies to mount an aggressive defense including planning to go to a jury trial. At this point, I was convinced Adam was a highly talented and tactical litigator. He delivered. My case was dismissed just before pre-trial hearings got underway, which not long ago was nothing more than a remote possibility.

My only regret is that I didn't find him from the very beginning. Adam is undoubtedly the attorney you call when you are in an emergency situation that requires top-tier legal representation. My family and I will be forever grateful to him.


Adam is the fire extinguisher

Adam is the fire extinguisher behind the "Break Glass In Case of Emergency" sign.

He stepped in to replace my initial attorney from another firm who was employing an extremely passive approach and had me convinced the best outcome was going to be an extremely punitive settlement with life altering consequences for a charge I was not guilty of. Every attorney I consulted with said it would be extremely difficult to defend my case especially with a DA that has a reputation for being aggressive and unsympathetic to my kind of cases.

By the time I contacted Adam I had lost all hope, but during our consultation he spent the time to discuss a few strategies to mount an aggressive defense including planning to go to a jury trial. At this point, I was convinced Adam was a highly talented and tactical litigator. He delivered. My case was dismissed just before pre-trial hearings got underway, which not long ago was nothing more than a remote possibility in my mind.

My only regret is that I didn't find him from the very beginning. Adam is undoubtedly the attorney you call when you are in an emergency situation that requires top-tier legal representation. My family and I will be forever grateful to him.


Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I had a terrific experience working with Adam and his team. He was incredibly attentive, warm in nature, very knowledgeable and understanding, and he took the time to explain everything to me until I understood fully. I deeply appreciated how honest he was about the details, potential outcomes, and even his own expertise in my case. I found him to be trustworthy and he had a good follow through. I felt legally protected and that he was giving me sound advice and instructions. Because of Adam, I was successful in my situation, had a positive experience, and have a good path going forward.

I strongly recommend Adam for whatever your legal needs may be.


Adam Gasner helped me with a legal consultation

Adam Gasner helped me with a legal consultation, and he was incredible. He was straight-forward, reassuring, patient and extremely thoughtful. I spoke to a number of attorneys at that time, and he was the most professional and and engaged. He always took me through options, pros and cons, and gave me incredible confidence. I will only call him if I ever need defense services again.


Adam Gasner in an Angel!

Adam Gasner in an Angel! He made such great impact in our lives from the moment we met him. He is an amazing person and very professional. Definitely knows what he is doing and how to handle your case! His pal John Thomas always makes sure his clients are kept in the loop of all communication and updates. It has been a pleasure working with Gasner Criminal Law and will recommend to anyone who's looking for trusting, reliable, and committed attorney. Thank you for your tremendous support!


The team went above and beyond to assist.

The team went above and beyond to assist with our problem and we couldn't be more satisfied with their care and attention.


Adam was amazing!

Adam was amazing! I would definitely recommend.


Adam is the best criminal attorney out there.

Adam is the best criminal attorney out there. He’s smart, strategic, professional and honest. He has always been available during difficult times and has helped me navigate through court systems delivering very favorable outcomes in multiple situations. He’s more than just an attorney but also a friend and is very personable and understanding. If you’re considering criminal attorneys in the Bay Area, don’t think twice and call Adam immediately. Whether it’s a minor offense or a serious charge, he will help you every step of the way and you will be amazed with the outcome.


Best Lawyer in town

I had a great experience using A. Gasner as my attorney through a very messy and embarrassing incident. Even though we couldn't get it dropped or disposed we got a felony arrest reduced to a misdemeanor that all parties could agree on. I have alot of respect for him. I was treated with respect and dignity. He took a mess and made a masterpiece. He went above and beyond the call of duty. Completely unwinding and rewinding the incident into a lesser more accurate charge. I know we could of beat it at trial. I'm just not much of a gambler and couldn't risk jury trial.

He would of gladly fought it. I just decided to take, the deal, instead. Clear and concise representation. Paid one time. Honored to leave this review. I would recommend him for anything to anyone. Thank you, Gasner Criminal Law from the bottom of my heart.


Complicated Case of Extradition

We had a complicated case of extradition from UK to USA. We needed a good attorney who understood our case and give us best advice possible (with regards to wire/bank/credit card fraud cases). I found Adam Gasner online and from there on our case became a lot clearer and resolvable. From the moment I contacted to the end result, Adam have been very informative and attentive. He was always on hand to answer any queries/worries we had. We were very very happy with the outcome of our case and finally my husband has reunited with us. He represented my husband really well (I don't think anyone could have done it better), he put forward all points of the case with our benefit in mind. He kept us informed throughout of the case. We have been very lucky to have found Adam, he is a blessing in disguise. Thank you Adam for all your hard work. You very much deserve all the stars.


Legal counsel for a questionable charge

My son recently need legal counsel for a questionable charge. I contacted Adam the next morning and his service was indisputable in regard to being sensitive and listening. Although there were no commitments of a favorable outcome, i can say he was thorough in discussing costs and possibilities of the outcome without overpromising.

I recommend Adam and his firm highly.


Adam came highly recommended as a criminal defense lawyer.

Adam came highly recommended as a criminal defense lawyer and he did not disappoint. I found his skil lin the courtroom in the courtroom to be first rate, not only his legal acumen but also his ability to relate to courtroom personnel, from the bailiff, to the DA and Judge, in an effective and personable manner. As a client I appreciated that his communication skills were outstanding and that he returned phone calls promptly and was patient on the phone. I can recommend him without any reservation!


A great job in resolving my daughter's case

Adam did a great job in resolving my daughter's case which led to all charges being dismissed. He legal skill are excellent as are his interpersonal skills. He communicated well with all courtroom personnel especially the DA which i think was instrumental in the judgment. He is a very good communicator and easy to talk with. He is both intelligent and “smart” as well. While his practice is busy he always returned phone calls in a timely manner. I strongly recommend him as a person and as an attorney!


Adam helped us with a case consultation.

Adam helped us with a case consultation. We were greatly impressed with his decency, integrity, and professionalism. It's really rare to find such a gem nowadays. If anyone needs legal help, we strongly recommend him.


Attorney Gasner was awesome

Attorney Gasner was awesome. He provided outstanding advice and put me at ease. His experience in criminal law was obvious and it helped me a great deal.


Best Criminal Lawyer in The Bay!

Adam was great! Patient and thorough in his approach. He was a pro in the process of defending my case, one where I was facing very serious false accusations. At the end... FULLY DISMISSED! Justice was served in some very tough inner-works of the complicated case where initially it looked as there was no hope for it. I would recommend to first try avoiding the court system, but if it's too late for that and you are here reading this, there's NO BETTER MAN TO DEFEND YOU than Adam Gasner! AND John (his Paralegal) is awesome as well!


Helpful with Initial Advice

Helpful with initial advice, and though they couldn’t answer my specific question, passed me on the details of someone else who might be able to help.


Best attorney in town

Adam was so patient to listen my case and provided free consultation. That was so accurate and helped to handle the case better. He also recommended to follow up with him if I need any assistance further.


Adam Gasner is one of the best

The Law Office of Adam Gasner is one of the best I've known or ever hired! His team was very helpful, organized, honest and as sharp as it gets!!! I couldn't be any happier with the results of my case they were great!!!


Stellar legal help

I had to recover some firearms that were taken by the police and it was nearly impossible to go through the hoops to get them back. Adam navigated the convoluted process on our behalf and finally got our property returned. If you have a complicated asset seizure issue and need someone who can get results, I highly recommend Adam and his team. They are absolutely the best at what they do!


They are absolutely the best at what they do

I had to recover some firearms that were taken by the police and it was nearly impossible to go through the hoops to get them back.  Adam navigated the convoluted process on our behalf and finally got our property returned.  If you have a complicated asset seizure issue and need someone who can get results, I highly recommend Adam and his team.  They are absolutely the best at what they do!


He saved our family from disaster

I had the book thrown at me on a complicated felony criminal threat case and I was in really deep trouble before we found Adam.  I was facing some very serious consequences and what he did for my case was nothing short of amazing.  Of course he's a smart, competent lawyer, but what really sets him apart is his personality and demeanor.  He's highly respected and is well connected to his colleagues, judges, and prosecutors. This definitely makes a difference.

When you're surrounded by a storm, he keeps everyone calm and collected...including the prosecution and judges!  The system is set up to be highly skewed towards an advantage for the prosecution who doesn't really care about who you really are or what could happen to you as a result of their decisions, and you better have Adam as your advocate if you want to make sure you get the best possible result.  To say he goes above and beyond is a huge understatement.

He worked on my case for years to get the result we were hoping for, and never once lost his passion for fighting on our behalf.  He is a genuinely caring human being who always took the time to help us understand how to deal with things every step of the way.  I would recommend Adam without reservation.  He saved our family from disaster and got me the result we needed to move forward and put the whole ordeal behind us.


Adam is an excellent attorney

Adam is an excellent attorney and a great guy. His knowledge of the law is pristine. Not only did he get my charges dismissed, he also filed a motion to seal the arrest/court record, which was granted within a few weeks. Can't thank him enough.


I Really Appreciate Him And His Services

Adam really came through for me and made things happen that I didn’t think possible. I really appreciate him and his service


Great attorney and a good man

My charges were very serious (at least from my point-of-view) and had the potential to disrupt my professional life and marriage. Thorough as I am, I consulted with 60+ attorneys in the bay area. The case went on for a full year. During the first 6 months, I formally retained and fired 5 defense attorneys (pretty good ones too). Wasted a lot of money and time.

One thing I realized during this journey is that finding a good criminal defense attorney is incredibly hard. Some of them were only interested in the money, some were too aggressive/impolite, some didn't have the intellect I was looking for, some displayed poor judgement, some didn't have personality/charisma, some didn't care a tiny bit about my psychological well-being and others were simply dishonest.

Then I met Adam. Thank god I did. Adam is everything you want in a criminal defense attorney. And I mean everything. I did doubt him a couple of times during the past 6 months, but boy was I proven wrong.

The way this case had gone, the chances of dismissal were close to zero (or so I thought). I was very close to taking the deal offered by the DA two months ago. It would have saved my marriage but my career would still be ruined.

This morning, Adam got all my charges dismissed. He helped save my professional life and marriage.

Adam is an excellent attorney. But I bet there are other excellent attorneys around. What's much more difficult to find is an excellent attorney who's a good man. If that's what you're looking for, hire Adam.


Exceptional Lawyer and Extraordinary Person

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. But you are lucky enough to meet a REAL Attorney who is very efficient and knowledgeable. Adam helped us tremendously. He was very patient and generous. He asked a lot of questions and he even asked specific questions that we forgot to bring to his attention, which were critical. He didn't speak with the confusing law terms and made sure we understood everything that was going on. We felt very confident that he really cares about his clients and is willing to fight for his clients. Adam is definitely an exceptional lawyer and an extraordinary person.


Top-notch Criminal Defense Expert and Advocate

Adam provided me with timely and expert advice regarding a potential case involving a relative that was very useful. After listening to the facts of the case and asking good clarifying questions, he provided me with an overview regarding the different ways in which the case was likely to evolve. In the end, he advised me that my relative likely did not need his services, but to stay in touch if the situation changed. For some context, I am an executive in Fortune 100 company and I have deal with top-notch (and some not so top-notch) lawyers on routine basis given the industry that I am involved with. So, in short, I have a good sense for what makes a great vs good vs average lawyer. I would consider Adam great based the experience that I've had with him and would recommend him to others. I hope that my relative will not need his services, but if they do, he is the first person I am going to recommend!


Very professional, really goes an extra mile!

Adam showed excellent and quick situation handling and really went an extra mile. Definitely recommended!


Preeminent Criminal Defense

I endorse this lawyer. Preeminent Criminal Defense.


Thank you so much Adam

I can't express how thankful I am to Adam. I had a legal matter and didn't know where or who turn to. Adam took time out out of his busy day day to sit down and have a full conversation with me in regards to my case. My legal matter didn't fall into his line of practice but he guided me to the right attorney and also took more time out to walk her through my case. You don't find to many attorneys with the heart and passion for helping people but Adam has the heart and passion. Thank you so much Adam.



To be quite honest, Adam's professionalism blew me away. He wasn't judgmental in the least bit and he took the time to understand the situation and went to bat for me as if we had known each other for over a decade.

If it wasn't for Adam and his team, I would not be here today typing this review while my baby boy is playing with the keyboard.

Thanks once again, Adam


Very Professional and Helpful!

Adam Gasner and John Thomas are a pleasure to work with. They are both extremely helpful and willing to go the extra mile for their clients. They made handling my case a breeze! I am very happy with my decision to hire Gasner Criminal Law and would definitely hire him again in the future.


Professional, honest

Consulted Adam regarding a misdemeanor charge and Adam demonstrated honesty and professionalism. He informed me of options to next steps and was clear in how the process will go.


Compassionate, hard working, understanding criminal defense attorney

Adam Gasner and John Thomas worked for over a year to help get my case dismissed for breaking my ex's cell phone, which was charged as domestic violence. They got me a defferred entry of judgement and after completing a years worth of therapy the case was dismissed with no probation or negative consequences on my record. Adam and John were great with communicating and keeping me updated on my case, I also didn't have to travel back to San Francisco for court appearances every time, which limited the impact on my work. This law office has been a life saver, I highly recommend them.


Criminal Defense Attorney Alive

I was out of options and second chances when arrested, then charged with a crime that carried a sentence of “life”. Low on hope, and unfamiliar with the Northern California Court system, my internet search brought me to Adam Gasners website. Unknowingly, that moment would change the outcome of my life from that moment forward.

I’m a recovering drug addict and alcoholic, and yes- have made more than a few poor decisions. Hiring Mr. Gasner was not one of those. Not only was he quick to clear his plate for me based on my “unique” requirements, he never shied away from the almost impossible task my case presented, and he always kept a genuine positive attitude- not the fake attention other lawyers will give just to get to your money. See I’ve had the benefit/misfortune of “collecting research” when it comes to legal representation… so if anything let my mistakes, and relative hiring experience serve as benefit to those of you reading this.

Mr Gasner is cool, calm, creative, honest, and very well respected by his peers and colleagues. During you & your family’s time of need he is sensitive, caring, and attentive to all moving parts. You’ll never find another lawyer like Adam… he’s restored my faith in our justice system. Not only do I consider him a business partner but he’s now a friend of the family… oh and one last thing- Adam achieved the impossible. Despite the mountain of cards stacked against us… he kept me out of prison, and has given me another chance at life. My family and I would be happy to provide any reference, at any time.. just ask


very honest lawyer.

life is very unpredictable. Never know what is coming either bad or good. lets me start with the scary event that happened to me about months ago. I thought of my life is perfect the way how its been as I have a lovely family, mom and my girl. I have a decent job to take care of my family as well. But that evil event stroke my life very badly and it almost lead me to losing what I have built over many years since I migrated to U.S. That event almost made me do things what I should not be doing to harm my life even more. I thought about running away, giving up on everything and hurting myself because I was one step away from going to a place I don't belong to. With GOD'S blessing, I found this very outstanding lawyer who helped guiding me the right away when I called him at his office on the phone. What I respect about Mr, Gasner is that he never talked about money unlike others who wants their profits first before helping an vulnerable person. The other lawyers ridiculously asked me for money when I first consult with them. Mr. Gasner helped me a lot by answering my phones, keeping in touch with me and guide me through all the steps. I clearly remember him being upset over the fact that I did not listen to his saying : don't talk to anyone. From that point, I have understood that he cares more about his clients and he look at his clients as his families rather than business. Believe me all lawyers are not the same. I who strongly believed lawyers are there to make money , rip clients off , now has changed the way how I see a lawyer. A good lawyer, Mr Gasner , who values his reputation as much as his winning record, has put me back into the light Today. Now, I can focus on my life and my family. Thank you so much for everything. You have helped and saved two people lives, one is mine and another is my mother who is disable and who cannot survive without her son


I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a lawyer

No one wants to need a lawyer, but when you do need one, it's important to have one you can trust and count on to always look out for your best interests. In addition to getting my charges dismissed, Adam handled my case in a very calm, professional manner. Exactly what you'd hope for with a criminal lawyer! He was very highly recommended to me, and I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a lawyer.


I am very happy with the work he did

I could not be happier with my decision to hire Adam Gasner as my attorney. In addition to representing me very favorably in court, Mr. Gasner also expertly negotiated getting me back some extremely valuable possessions that had been stolen from me. He went above and beyond what I hired him for to make this happen, and to say I am very happy with the work he did is an understatement. I don't know that a different lawyer would have been able achieve the positive results that he was able to, and I feel extremely fortunate to have him representing me.


Truly a 5-Star Attorney

Adam Gasner indeed is a world class attorney. In my criminal case, I was accused of a felony charge which ended in being dismissed. That's the short story. However, the success is attributed to Mr. Gasner ability to seek the truth and presented the facts in court. He is very methodical, smart and very important to us clear in communicating options and expectations. Concise and accurate communication of facts and potential outcomes gave us peace of mind during this proceedings. You really can't put a price in knowing that you have hired the BEST lawyer. Mr. Gasner is an expert in his field and every well respected both in and out of the courtroom. I hope to never have to hire him again, but in the unfortunate event of having to do so; Mr. Gasner is my go to Lawyer.



Spend my Saturday worried about a potential case. Decided to call Adam. He put my mind at ease. He listened to all my concerns and was very knowledgeable with his feedback. Now I'm off to enjoy the rest of my day. THANKS ADAM YOU'RE THE BEST!


Adam will spend the time to explain every step

Generally one doesn't come to a Criminal attorney by choice. Adam was recommended to me by a close family friend and am very lucky for the recommendation. Adam will spend the time to explain every step of the process and truly has his clients best interest in mind. I faced a serious misdemeanor charge based on a false police report by my ex. The courts in Marin County don't have enough to do and came after me more than either of us could have anticipated. Adam stuck by his fixed fee and was able to get the charge dismissed two days before the trial was scheduled to begin.

If you are in need of a criminal defense attorney take the time to talk to Adam.


Adam Gasner came highly recommended

Adam Gasner came highly recommended to me and I was very fortunate that I had the chance to consult with him on such a very short notice; given that I had only managed to contact him a few hours prior to my case, he was very willing to explain the procedure as well as what my plan of action should be -- throughout he was a great anchor to the situation. He was proactive with my case and notified me as soon as he found any changes to my case. Needless to say, it resolved without going to trial.


Great Lawyer/Adam Gasner

Adam Gasner was fantastic and helped our family out immensely! He explains things in a manner that is easy to understand and is honest in letting you know what the outcome may be. He is not pricey and willing to work with you, very fair.


Highly competent, smart, well respected in the court

Adam helped me out with a fairly straightforward DUI case. I interviewed many different attorneys before choosing Adam, but ultimately the choice was easy. DUI legal defense can be a bit of a racket; some of the lawyers I spoke with used scare tactics to try and convince me that I needed to mount a vigorous and expensive defense, that I needed to decide on an attorney immediately. Adam took a different approach and just gave a lot of very helpful advice and took care of the case with ease. The fact that he is respected in the court and could be trusted to give me unbiased advice was well worth my investment. I could see that his capabilities weren't really being tested by my relatively simple case, and if I had a much more complicated problem, he would also be an excellent choice.


When it really matters...

I like to keep things short and to the point. I made a wrong decision upon my visit to the city and my life was suddenly turned upside down.
I was being charged with a serious crime and I didn't know who to turn too. I live two hours out of San Francisco and I couldn't turn to friends and family because I was embarrassed of position with the law.
So looked at various websites and read peoples reviews. There was just some debts to the reviews I read regarding Gasner Law Firm.
I made the call and Spoke to John a Paralegal within the firm. Right from the beginning I received a warm comfortable feeling like someone really cared about my traumatic experience. ? All I have to say is this is a firm I wish I never have to ever use again but I would recommend them to anyone that needs a good and honest firm to take of what matters and that's you or a love one.
Making this a short story the DA ended up dismissing the case and charges were dropped.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart guys.


Highly recommended

I consulted with Adam about a case and found him extremely professional, reasonable, respectful and generous with his time. I regret not hiring him. I hope I am never in a position to need a criminal defense attorney again, but if I am, I would hire him immediately. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone else in need.

Dui Case

After getting charged with a DUI, I began working with another lawyer that basically told me (after I paid him) that there was no hope in fighting the DMV because they never drop cases and the best I could hope for was a wet and reckless. My job was on the line so i went to Adam at the recommendation of another lawyer. Adam went above and beyond fighting the county, resulting in a dry and reckless, most importantly the DMV case was dropped. I was able to keep my job. I would definitely recommend him.


Trustworthy, Professional, and Thoughful

My experience with Adam was great. There was an emotional burden on my family and I, this sense of no way out and distress. My father had many sleepless night over my younger brothers case. We went to another county's court two times before finally getting a court date. Adam, luckily was there and gave some some thoughtful advice. He stepped in when he didn't have to and took it upon himself to help my family out. In the ensuing week my father was sleeping more and I was feeling a lot better about the whole situation. Reason I focus on emotion is because that is an area that reviews lack. His assistant John was very helpful as well, thorough and always responsive. I highly recommend Adam and his team to help you in your time of need.


Absolutely the best lawyer in San Francisco!

If you don't hire Adam Gasner to defend you, you're making a big mistake! I actually had hired another very well known, highly respected SF DUI lawyer and ended up substituting in Adam, and thank GOD I did. My daughter had gotten a DUI in SF and was also charged with assaulting a police officer. If that wasn't bad enough, her blood count was over 2.0 which is really bad. The other attorney really did nothing at all except make a couple appearances. That's it. He advised us there was nothing more to do until the DA filed the charges and notified us of the court date. That's the last time we heard from that lawyer. My daughter got pulled over for a traffic ticket and was arrested on the spot. There was a warrant for her arrest and we knew nothing about it. Long story short, I luckily heard about Adam and replaced the other attorney right away. Adam immediately went to work for my daughter and calmed her down and assured her he would take care of her. Did he ever! Somehow, he managed to get every charge completely dismissed! No plea bargain, no reduced sentence, etc. He got her off scot-free and every charge was thrown out and dismissed. He's a miracle worker and you will NOT regret hiring him to represent you. I guarantee it! He really is the best there is!


Great lawyer for first time offenders

I made a mistake and got charged with a misdemeanor in Federal Court. Adam helped me get the charge off of my record with the federal prosecutor with no mishaps. Adam was quick to respond to my e-mails or phone calls and I would highly recommend any first time offender to seek his help.

Best lawyer

Adam is an amazing lawyer. He is very personable and professional. My case was a very long and drawn out case, but Adam always kept up with everything and I was always well informed. I really appreciated that he would take the time to fully explain his thought process/strategy and was never condescending. Even though this was a stressful time, Adam made it a great experience and took care of everything.


Adam is an amazing lawyer.

Adam is an amazing lawyer. He is very personable and professional. My case was a very long and drawn out case, but Adam always kept up with everything and I was always well informed.  I really appreciated that he would take the time to fully explain his thought process/strategy and was never condescending. Even though this was a stressful time, Adam made it a great experience and took care of everything.


Thank you Yelp!

Thank you Yelp!   We found ourselves  in need of a good criminal attorney and thanks to all the great reviews i found it in Adam.  Everything I read in the reviews Adam held true to.  He is an extremely competent,confident attorney and made us feel better about our situation from the first visit with him.  I highly recommend Adam to anyone who needs representation.


Attorney Adam Gasner is attorney who will fight for you

Attorney Adam Gasner is attorney who will fight for you. I was arrested and charged with Federal drug charges. The same night I was critically injured. I was at the time a Federal Police Officer. To say the least I was scared and injured with my back against the wall. I was referred to Adam by a friend. It was the best decision I made. Attorney Gasner was very knowledgable about the Federal out system and worked very hard at defending me. I suffered a great price with my job and with my injuries. Through the whole process Adam was there for me, always available to talk, whether about the case or even to calm me down. You can have complete trust in Adam hat he will work diligently to defend. He got me the best possible outcome legally I could of hoped for. I did pay some penalties but my case was eventually dismissed without a conviction on my record. If you ever find your self going against the Federal Government, Attorney Gasner is a Lawyer you can trust and I would strongly advise you to hire him for representation.


Dignity and Respect

My son was arrested for possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. Not living in the area, I faced the daunting task of hiring an attorney long distance. I am so grateful that I came across Adam. His follow up and communication was excellent in keeping me informed every step of the way.
Adam handled a difficult case to a very positive outcome. He did a great job with the DA and the judge. Besides getting the case dismissed, I am most appreciative that he treated my son with dignity and respect.


Responsive and results-driven

I had an unusual situation that required me to provide (within 30 days) specific documents relating to an arrest several years ago. For various reasons, the requested documents did not exist so the usual document request procedures through the Court would not have worked here. I needed an "out-of-the-box" approach to gain documentation that would satisfy the original request.
Adam responded to my initial inquiry promptly and was very responsive as he informed me with his findings. His office was able to obtain documents that satisfied the information request. While this situation sounds trivial, I know that very few attorneys would have had the creativeness and know-how to get the documents I could use to satisfy the initial information request.


A Legal Brawler who Fights for Your Rights

Adam Gasner is legal rock star and a class act! He is a five-star criminal defense attorney and someone you want on your side when faced with serious legal consequences. I was charged with several felonies and I was tried not only in the criminal courts but also in the media given I was a public official. Notwithstanding the many challenges and obstacles he encountered fighting for my due process, Adam was confidently persistent in identifying and resolving several critical litigation issues and he worked collaboratively with the Court to ultimately expunge this matter. Trust me, Adam’s professional attitude, intense focus and dedicated commitment on my behalf made a huge positive difference in the end. Thank you Adam!

He is calm, confident

I was in need of excellent representation and spent a significant amount of time researching and seeking a qualified attorney with integrity.  I called Adam Gasner for an initial consultation and immediately knew that he was the best solution for my situation.   He is calm, confident, understated and understands the law and how to achieve the best results, which he was able to do for me.

When one is faced with the numerous potential outcomes of a criminal charge the imagination of anticipated outcome can be overwhelming.  From the beginning Adam's read on the situation was completely correct and he made certain that everything was resolved as he predicted.  That is confidence and competence.

During this process there were many times I had questions and needed quick support. Adam was always there.

I think what I respected and appreciated the most about Adam was his compassion and how real he is.  This is key in any working relationship, irrespective of what the scenario may be.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Adam Gasner's services to anyone.....


Adam is Competent Lawyer!

Adam is an extremely competent, confident lawyer who makes a bad situation tolerable, and - dare I say - hopeful.  I was helping my friend shop around for a lawyer who was sensitive to his unique circumstances after his original lawyer proved to be woefully inadequate.  Adam immediately provided sound feedback and did not pressure him to engage right away, instead advocating a more prudent, possibly cost-effective route.

If you or your loved one is ever in need of an excellent criminal lawyer, you can look to Adam who provide practical advice and explains things in plain English.  His strategy led to a charge that did not affect my friend's immigration status, which was his ultimate fear for a momentary lapse in judgment.

Facing charges is a frightening situation, and Adam's willingness to be available by both phone and email eases anxiety.  While he is kind to his clients, he is also very tenacious and knows how to mount the best possible defense.  Thankfully, this case did not have to go to trial, but his experience and comfort in that arena makes you feel like you're in the best hands if it gets that far.

Still in doubt?  Try looking him up on… where he's the top-rated criminal and DUI attorney in the Bay Area.


Excellent Attorney

Adam Gasner was a great attorney to work with. After contacting multiple attorneys both over the phone and online, he was the first to respond back.
He was very knowledgeable attorney, and explained his plan of action and the situation honestly and simply. During my case, he was able to get an entire charge dropped, and the other simply into an infraction with a small fine.
Thanks to Mr. Gasner, I am relieved to have a clean record. I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking legal counsel on criminal law.


Adam Gasner was a great attorney to work with

Adam Gasner was a great attorney to work with.  After contacting multiple attorneys both over the phone and online, he was the first to respond back. 

He was very knowledgeable attorney, and explained his plan of action and the situation honestly and simply.  During my case, he was able to get an entire charge dropped, and the other simply into an infraction with a small fine. 

Thanks to Mr. Gasner, I am relieved to have a clean record.  I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking legal counsel on criminal law.


I hired Adam as my lawyer and it was the best decision I ever made

I worked for a Federal Law Enforcement agency in California. I was off duty I had easily the worst night of life. I was arrested and charged by the Federal Government for possession of narcotics over two years ago. The same night I had an accident where I was critically injured although luckily I have recovered fully. I was lost unable to find legal representation. I was referred to Attorney Adam Gasner's Law Office. I hired Adam as my lawyer and it was the best decision I ever made. My trial/Case took over 2 years to be decided. Adam was always there for me, to explain the case, my options, and the hope's he had for my case. Attorney Gasner worked well with the Federal prosecutors office and my case case was dismissed . I had penalties, both legally and physically, that I know I deserved and I paid for them. I would highly recommend the services of Attorney Adam Gasner. He will fight for you while using complete professionalism along the way.


Simply amazing!

I could not be more happy with my choice to have adam represent me! He went to court for me, so I didn't need to miss work and got all of the charges dropped. Simply amazing!


He wanted the best for me

I am glad Adam Gasner was my lawyer. He stood by me for almost 3 years and came too all my court appearances. He always kept in contact with me and answered any questions I had. He always welcomed me to his office if I felt I needed someone to talk to. He really cared about my charges and fought for me. He wanted the best for me. I was charged with a felony and at the end of everything, Adam got it dropped. You cant beat that! Adam Gasner will fight for you till the end.


I am honored to say that I have shared the court room with Mr. Gasner

There are little things that are more fear inducing then being charged with a serious felony in criminal court- that is until you retain a serious felony defense attorney. Mr. Gasner is an extremely skilled attorney for defense against serious State and Federal crimes. Throughout Bay area court rooms, he holds a reputation for his outstanding work, professionalism and ultimately, the results he delivers to his clients. I am honored to say that I have shared the court room with Mr. Gasner and have witnessed his true effectiveness in communicating with Judges, Prosecutors and Jurors. If you are seeking a "heavy hitting" felony defense attorney, Mr.Gasner is for you.


I Truly Felt Like a Valued Client

I never imagined I would be in a situation where I needed a lawyer, but when I did I did not know the first place to start. I asked around and a friend recommended Adam. From the first time we met to discuss my case, Adam was the consummate professional. He explained the process, gave me piece of mind, and was available any time I needed reassurance or guidance. We even kept in contact by text a lot as I went through the process, which I preferred over emails / phone calls. I can tell you without a single doubt in my mind that Adam will go to bat for you and make sure your case has the very best possible outcome. I truly felt like a valued client and not like "just another case." Adam even worked with a PI to gather evidence, meticulously documenting facts, which helped tremendously. He is at the top of his game and worth every penny!! If you are ever in need of legal services, I recommend contacting him first!!


Adam Gasner is truly everything you could hope

Adam Gasner is truly everything you could hope to have in a lawyer: calm, intelligent, knowledgeable, compassionate, personal – a fighter. I hired him after a recommendation from a high school friend in the legal profession, following a decidedly negative experience with other counsel. The situation was initially very serious, but Adam skillfully navigated the legal channels, getting the charge reduced from felony to misdemeanor, and then securing an agreement with the other party and the judge that took my case within a hair of dismissal. Ultimately, it was expunged, and while that was not the outcome he sought, it was, I believe, a fair and just outcome. Recently, I went through an exhaustive background check process for a high-profile company in Silicon Valley and passed, which was followed by a job offer. Aside from his expertise, I felt a sense of calm and relief the moment I met Adam at his office. Subsequently, the visit to my house to meet my wife and analyze the nearby scene of my arrest, our phone conversations and court appearance all left me with a growing confidence that my life would return to normal with his help and professionalism. It has, and I’m truly grateful.


Thanks for your help, Adam

Adam was really straight-forwarded. It is very easy to get into contact with him. I was refereed by a few friends that had somewhat the same situation as I had but he was willing to help me out what things got tough. I'd rate a 5/5 and would go back! Thanks for your help, Adam.


Sometimes in life you get truly lucky and get more than you pay for!!!!

Finding and contracting an attorney for representation can be an extremely daunting and stressful task, especially when initially dealing with your own legal challenges. Where does one start? Fortunately, research on the internet and AVVO proved that the internet can provide a true treasure when seeking competent and compassionate legal representation. I did not expect to find an attorney who is not only highly skilled and experienced with the criminal defense process and system but is also genuinely a caring and supportive individual.

The ultimate outcome of my situation far exceeded my initial expectations and based on the actual charges at the beginning of the process, I now can continue with my life and work without any significant interruptions or with a felony on my records. Kudos to Adam Gasner, I would recommend him to anyone, anytime!


Adam Gasner is the lawyer for you

Adam truly helped me in a time of need and I am forever grateful to him.
He answered my call in his car on the way to court and met me in the same day so he is very responsive and trustworthy and extremely knowledgeable.

I would recommend him to anyone and have done so over 10 times in a week since we met.

If you have any worries, he will ease your mind almost as soon as you meet him.

If you need a criminal law lawyer, Adam is your man.

He is amazing and I will continue to promote him


Highly Recommend

Adam was very personable, instantly likable and made me feel at ease with a process of which I knew next to nothing, having never been i any sort of legal trouble before.. He was able to diagnose my domestic violence case immediately and give me multiple scenarios that could happen along with solid plans for each of them. And he was dead on about his prediction regarding the outcome of my case.
During the period my case was reviewed by the DA, Adam was always available by text and call back, walked me through the court process and ultimately saw me off without a hitch. A brush with the law such as this can be deeply stressful and frightening and I feel lucky that I came to utilize Adam's services. I highly recommend him for both his "bedside manner" and professional acumen.


ADAM GASNER is a LIFE Saver and he DElivers!!!!!!!!

Got in trouble for 5 felonies that involve an "assault weapon." One of my best friend recommended me Adam and he was the many lawyers I was interviewing. I don't know what it was but Adam's vibe and experience put me at ease. Fast forward to 8 month's of negotiating with the judge and district attorney my case got reduced to one felony. And that can be reduced to a misdemeanor in a year for completing my probation and staying out of trouble. Overall I am very satisfied that I am able to get back on my feet and get on with my life and career!



Let me first start off by saying, I was facing years in state prison And i learned that you get what you pay for especially with legal defense so that bieng said mr Gasner took the time to review every aspect and nook and cranny with in the justice system mr gasner negotiated a deal for me that will result in a jail alternative which is hard to attain bieng said i had a prior felony. So im glad i trusted my gut instinct and selected him to represent my case


A true expert, with both a professional and creative approach

Adam came highly recommended by a lifelong friend. His firm grasp of the legal issues at stake, combined with his candor, gave me instant peace of mind. Adam approached the entire process with professionalism and creativity, and was never out of reach. In addition, his personal relationships with others in the community provided a valuable edge. Highly recommended.


One of the most professional lawyers in California!

Prior to visiting Adam, I had made a number of visits to other attorneys who I found to be unprofessional and seemed uninterested in my case. After meeting with Adam, he was the exact opposite. He had a professional demeanor and really listened to what I had to say and was genuine about helping me. Throughout my case, Adam was prompt with my inquiries via email and phone and alerted me as soon as there was something new. He comes highly recommended from me.


Great DUI/criminal attorney

Adam Gasner came highly recommended to me from a friend after I was charged with a DUI. Adam sat down with me and went over the facts of my case and walked me through the entire process including the separate DMV and SR22 matters. After my initial conversation with Adam, I definitely felt better about the entire process and knew that Adam would assist me in getting the best results possible. Adam was always responsive to my questions and kept me informed as to his on going investigation. Adam is very respected among his peers and the staff of the courts which I strongly feel gave me an upper edge in how my case proceeded. In the end Adam was able to negotiate a great plea bargain for me and I was thriled with the results. Although we both felt I had a very good case to take to trial (and would have had complete faith in Adam handling the trial), the plea bargain was too good of an offer to pass, and I am confident that offer would never have been made without Adam's assistance.


Very Good at His Job

I hired Adam many years ago to defend me in a case where I had been apprehended by the US Marshall's office for a misdameaner charge that had occured on federal land. Within a few telephone meetings he called me and announced the DA had dropped charges because of lack of due process, the incident had occured in 1995 and they came to arrest me in2005. I beleive that if I had not hired him there would have been a strong chance of a conviction with a Public Defender. He argued for me that I had not been in hiding so why did they wait 15 years to come get me-the DA didnt have a good reason and agreed to drop the charges. You can't ask for more than that! Thank You Adam-


Undoubtably the Best - Federal Criminal Defense

I was looking at a fourth DUI - this time in federal court carrying a one year prison sentence. Prison would mean losing my business, having to lay off several employees who depend on me, and missing out on baby girl's first year of life. Adam not only vigorously defended my legal interests, but he also represented my true personhood. He (and his staff) made themselves readily available for my questions and truly cared about my future. In court he was clearly respected by all the "players" and was well versed on the law. Needless to say, no prison or jail/custody time! I recommend Adam without hesitation


Criminal Defense Client

I recommend Adam without reservation. I received his name from another lawyer who stated Adam would be better suited to help me based on the complexity of my case. Aside from being honest and professional throughout every step of the process, I can confidently say Adam honestly cared about my situation and well being. He eased me enough before every hearing, but also did not keep me in the dark. It was clear to me that Adam is a respected man/lawyer in the courtroom based on his interaction with the prosecution and judge.
My case was very complex, but Adam continuously impressed me with his knowledge of these issues. He counseled me with his recommendations but also detailed the options, which I greatly appreciated. Adam formed a relationship with the prosecution prior to any court appearances and I am confident not all lawyers would have been capable of this (if any - the prosecution was a nightmare).
I would recommend Adam to a family member and closest friend and while I do not plan for this, I would use him in the future!


Committed, Personal, Knowledgeable

Adam represented me in a criminal case for 2011. Without him, I would have lost my mind. His commitment to keeping me informed, and following up on open items was 1st rate. In the end, everything worked out, and I have no complaints.


Consummate professional. Goal-oriented advocate for your case.

With Adam's expert help, my DUI case was dismissed. He dilligently reviewed all aspects of my case and presented an intelligent, compelling argument in front of a judge and jury. I appreciated his knowledge of DUI laws, integrity, and responsiveness to my calls and email messages. He tirelessly worked on my case not only during office hours, but also on some weekends and evenings. My trial put my job at risk-- and Adam's compassionate and effective professionalism has helped me avoid any charges, and keep my career. I could not be happier with the outcome of my case. I would recommend Adam to anyone facing DUI charges.


Highly recommended Lawyer

I have dealt with Adam twice now over a period of about 8 years, and while the fact that I had to come back is unfortunate, his handling of both cases, professional attitude, knowledge of the court staff and processes has been impressive. The process can be scary and confusing and he has kept up with the laws and always maintains a calm demeanor in guiding one through the steps.
I would recommend Adam to any client in the Bay Area needing DUI defense.


A tireless advocate -- trustworthy, dedicated, compassionate, an expert

I was fortunate to have Adam Gasner represent me in a criminal case stemming from a neighborhood dispute. Although he was not able to obtain the best possible outcome (dismissal) his knowledge, professionalism and strategic approach resulted in the charge being reduced from felony to misdemeanor, with the ultimate outcome being an expungement and a termination of probation.
From the first time I met with him until the day we shook hands outside the courtroom at the end of the legal process, he was a beacon of light during what was a very dark time. He was optimistic but realistic, calm and reassuring, thorough and personal (he visited my home to discuss the case with my wife and I as well as analyze the location of the incident), applied a strategy that was both aggressive and tactical, kept me updated on the process throughout -- ultimately allowing me to put my life back together and continue on as a husband, father and professional.

In life, perhaps it's better not to know a good lawyer -- if only because that suggests there is one less complication -- but I'm glad that I do know a good lawyer, one of the best any client could hope to have.

I recommend Mr. Gasner without any reservation.


Professional, patient and resourseful.

After my arrest, Adam came highly recommended from a friend at a top criminal defense firm in SF. My friend said it was important to hire someone that knows the laws and judges/courts in your county.
I can't express how happy and grateful I am to have hired him. He was patient and calming every step of the way and very resourceful in working around my needs. As a grad student, I was concerned about the effect the case would have on my scholarship and pending job hunt. After a thorough investigation, he was able to delay the conviction for 6 months until I'd graduated and been hired. And he worked wonders with the judge! Got an excessive BAC charge stricken and only minimum sentencing.
With such a foreign and intimidating process for me, it was a great relief to be able to trust that he'd take care of everything and keep me updated. Worth every penny. You'll be in very good hands with Adam Gasner.


Excellent DUI attorney

Adam handled a very scary situation for us with warmth, compassion and extreme competence. He was the ultimate pro, guiding us through very unfamiliar waters. My case started out as a 2 felony count DUI with child endangerment (due to my child and a friend in the car) - that was reduced to a standard misdemeanor DUI because of his expert handling. Thank you Adam.

Thank You Mr. Gasner!

I got pulled over for a DUI while returning form my engagement party in the wee hours of a Saturday morning. I went through a very rough weekend since a DUI would impact my job, my immigration and everything else. A week's worth of research/meeting other lawyers and I finally landed at Mr. Gasner's office. He heard me out patiently, empathized with me and at the end of it concluded that we have a strong case and gave me insights as to how the whole case would proceed. He helped me handle the formalities at the DMV and got me set for the DUI classes as well.
He would always be well prepared for the hearings and always backed up his pointers with solid facts which was very reassuring.
Mr. Gasner would make it a point to arrive at the courthouse a little in advance and brief us as to how the hearing would go. After each hearing he spent some time with us going over each point , explaining the outcome in detail and would discuss how we should proceed from there.
Mr Gasner was always reachable even on weekends and over the holiday season and would immediately respond back no matter how trivial my query was.
He suggested we use a private lab to get reports of the blood test and ensured that they reached the DA in time. This really helped my case and I was ultimately given a wet reckless.
Mr Gasner reduced my probation by a day and also took up the initiative of tracking my case and help me get an expungement in future.
Mr Gasner is an extremely intelligent, honest and diligent lawyer who thinks out of the box and goes one step further to strengthen any case.
I am grateful to Mr Gasner for handling my case so well and for being a great source of moral support during my tough times. I would definitely recommend Mr Gasner as one of the best and most professional lawyers to handle your case


Excellent Lawyer

Adam was knowledgeable, responsive and most importantly, someone I trusted. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone in need of an excellent lawyer.


Thank you for your help!

I was so pleased with Adams great concern for my case in the short time I got to meet him at our consultation. I felt so lost and he help ground me and assure that if we needed to fight to the end he will do so. Thank you so much for your great wisdom Adam !

Professional, efficient, and results-driven

Adam responded to all of my questions in a timely manner. His experience, knowledge, and relationships in the San Francisco community helped to achieve the best possible resolution of my legal matter. Highly recommend.


Superior Advocacy

Adam Gasner is truly a next-level attorney. His knowledge of criminal defense is immaculate, and he advocates for his clients with the utmost compassion and professionalism. I learned more in my consultation than any other attorney has ever attempted to communicate to me. If you are seeking insight into a criminal case, Adam Gasner will prove a venerated oracle. If you are under criminal investigation he may just save your life!


Excellent Defense Attorney

Adam came highly recommended by both a family member (a lawyer at the San Francisco Public Defender's Office) and by a colleague of his (who did not handle federal cases). Although my case was relatively straightforward, the U.S. District court system is not. Adam was an expert in navigating through all of the minutia of the federal courts. He personally knew the Assistant U.S. Attorney and all of the judges, so I always felt like I was on the insider track. During the case, he thoroughly prepared me for each step in the process and I was very pleased with the outcome of the settlement.
What really impressed me is that even after the case was finalized, I had some problems with the U.S. Probation Office. Adam immediately responded to my phone call and took the issue back to court. Because of his strategic thinking, we resolved the conflict and the level of my probation supervision was decreased.
Adam is extremely intelligent and very personable. It was invaluable to have him there as a lawyer and an advisor during this rough ordeal. I never had any doubts that I was getting the best possible representation.


Adam Gasner is great!

Adam Gasner was of tremendous help when I approached him with my case. When I first contacted him by phone, I knew right away that Adam was knowledgeable and would help me with my case. He is straightforward and comforting. Although my encounter with Adam was brief, from this point on he will be my go to guy when I need a lawyer. Don't hesitate to call him if you need a lawyer to represent you. You won't be let down. He has a 10 star rating on Avvo for a reason!


thanks for the appeal...

I really wants to thank you for your service and help , everything when all right , my record is clean and i want to thank you again sincerely R.G.


Miracle worker!

Adam managed to get my felony DV charge dismissed in a politically fraught environment prior to my preliminary hearing. The charge, which stemmed from false allegations following a separation from my partner, was emotionally exhausting and was greatly impacting my ability to secure a job, income, and take care of my family.
Adam's expertise, thorough investigation of the facts, and creative problem solving helped demonstrate that my case was not what it seemed - and that a plea for a lesser misdemeanor charge would not serve the cause of justice (and also have a lasting and negative impact on my life). Adam fought hard and put his reputation on the line for me - and prevailed.
Throughout the entire process, Adam displayed incredible compassion and availability to my needs. Adam Gasner is by far the best and most honorable attorney I have ever had the pleasure to work with - he has the soul and intelligence to get you the best possible result.


Excellent Representation

I contacted Adam for help with a criminal defense case. He clearly laid out the options I had available to me, explained the legal processes that needed to be followed and got me the result I was looking for.
His turnaround time was fast and he was readily available to answer all of the questions I had along the way. I can't recall working with a professional (be it lawyer, doctor, etc.) who was more responsive than Adam.
He was very knowledgeable about the laws regarding my case and I would recommend him without hesitation.


Very satisfied client !!!!

Adam's, expertise,knowledge and compassion were outstanding. He kept us updated on the case status even during the very busy times of his day. He know the "ins' and "out" of how the wheels of justice turn in SF. He was always honest and straightforward in his communications with us. He won an incredible victory for our son even with the odds stacked against him. Adam is the best !


Highly recommended!!!!!

The moment I met Atty. Gasner I knew that he would

Take care of my case. I honestly felt no judgment if

I made or commited a crime or what not. He treated me with

compassion and professionalism. There's a lot of things

To say but if anybody is in need of a very good and reliable

Defense Atty. I would look no further. Regarding my case?

It was Dismissed! Thanks so much Atty Gasner



Adam Gassner is an intelligent, knowledgeable, calm, affable gentleman and I mean it!

Adam helped my son get into a rehabilitation program, and out of custody.

We are very grateful for Adam's great work.

Not much more to say - great work - .


Best Defense Available

I hired Adam years ago after dealing with several attorneys who, needless to say I wish I'd never gotten involved with. Adam came highly recommended from a friend of mine and client of his, who Adam had just defended and literally saved his future. Adam went to work immediately, getting a deal that was too good to pass considering the possiblity of real time and huge fines.
I recently went to Adam to help clear that record, getting a motion to set aside the guilty verdict and submit instead a not guilty - dismissing the case and allowing me to answer "no" when asked on job applications, and the etc. if I've ever been convicted. Even though i still owed thousands of dollars to the system (I became aware of this halfway through the motion process) Adam went to the city collector on my behalf and amazingly got a huge reduction on the fines. Unfortunely for me I still had problems to pay having been laid off recently. Amaizingly, once again Adam came through and got the remaining fines eliminated in the interest of justice. Thanks again Adam! For saving my future, making it brighter and saving me a chunk of change! And to the readers, good luck. But you won't need much with Adam Gasner on your side. -Cam


The best possible outcome

Adam handled my shoplifting case. Although there were a number of factors that could have complicated the situation, I ended up with no criminal record. My overall experience with Adam was excellent and I would definitely recommend him. He is knowledgeable, professional, punctual and has made this whole thing much easier to deal with.



Adam got my charges acquitted on a 1 in a million chance in trial. He's the best lawyer I have encountered.


D.U.I Defense Attorney

Mr. Gasner was a great help. He was quick and responsive, prompt in returning my calls and following up with questions. He was able to negotiate an excellent deal for me. As an alternative to jail time for my offense, I was able to serve my time at an inpatient recovery program. I spent additional time at this program and Mr. Gasner asked the judge if the additional time served at treatment could be applied towards my court fee’s – which was granted. My sentencing was also greatly reduced by Mr. Gasner, as was, community service time.
On a personal level Mr. Gasner was kind, considerate and compassionate about my situation. Not the least bit judgmental. I would highly recommend him.


Highly Recommended

I was faced with a double felony drug case with Adam and the charges were lowered to a single misdemeanor. Adam then got me into the Pretrial Diversion Program that ultimately led to my entire case being dropped. Adam is an absolutely terrific lawyer and I would highly recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.


Felony Drug Possession overturned reduced to a misdemeanor and released.

Our son was a student at SFSU in the spring of 2010. He was charged with felony possession. Adam was able to have the charge reduced, and eventually released with community service. Adam was straightforward with us as parents and with our son. He understood the situation and what needed to be done to address the charges. Adam was easy to deal with, straight forward and was very easy to stay in contact with (we live in L.A.). His follow up was excellent and I would highly recommend him.



Adam was very experienced in my case and clearly explained all facets of what could happen. He followed up and made sure everything was completely taken care of, even many months after the actual hearing. He was easily accessible including on the weekend.


The best lawyer in California

Adam's courage, integrity and love of the law caused the dismissal of felony drug charges against our son. This was not an easy case with our son's prior convictions. Through out the process Adam communicated clearly and respectfully, anticipating the psychological storms that exist in this process. Anyone lucky enough to have Adam Gasner as their attorney can rest assured they will get the best possible outcome.



I hired Mr Gasner one year ago, as a referral from a very credible source in San Francisco. My case was particularly difficult to manage from a political perspective. Mr. Gasner handled the case with the utmost professional character, reliability and through judgment and patience had a more than favorable outcome. Unconditionally, I recommend Mr. Gasner for any case he would be willing to handle.


Adam Gasner works magic.

Before I consulted Adam, I was in bad shape. I was facing a felony charge, with a hand full of misdemeanors to go along with it. Usually in these situations one will end up in jail, or at least on probation with drug classes to coincide. Adam Gasner took my case and against incredible odds got all charges dropped! What did I have to do? 25 hours of community service. Finding Adam was the best thing ive ever done.


I can highly recommend Adam and am very happy with outcome of my case.

The outcome of my case could not have been better. Adam was excellent to work with and I am thrilled with the resolution of my case.


Maximum results

Mr. Gasner, a lawyer my youngest sister researched and found for me when, though I thought I was protecting myself, SFPD determined that I was the aggressor. A day and a half of time in jail, and meeting with another attorney the odds of dodging any kind of charge were looking bleak. Several hours later, I was able to meet with the attorney my mother and wife spoke so highly of, and with due right. I was truly amazed with the actual concern and compassion that came across the table as Adam began to ask about the events of that evening.
As we spoke it was obvious that my concerns were his concerns. Those being the effects of this "misunderstanding" in regards to my license, my move, and my wife. With quick calculations on his part he was able to formulate a progressive plan of attack for the case, taking into consideration that if the preceding step did not produce the results that we wanted, that the next action would gives us the best opportunity to accomplish our end goals.
In a matter of days, not months, I was fortunate enough that through his amazing reputation and connections my charges were not just dismissed, they were discharged. They were never even filed.
Now my wife and I's move and plans are proceeding uninterrupted. My license's integrity maintained, and my current job saved.
If you want an attorney that has integrity, foresight, compassion and concern for his clients needs with that balanced amount of honest understanding of your situation, straight from the hip style of communication, and the willingness to work within the confines of the legal system through his well deserved reputation, Adam Gasner, Esq. would come highly recommended from both my wife and myself.


Adam is a great attorney

I found myself in a very tough legal prdicament last fall and was facing felony assault charges. I was put in touch with Adam by a friend. Within a few hours Adam was meeting with me (while I was still in processing at Bryant). I immediate felt comfortable with Adam. There is a very real, human quality to Adam and I got the sense he cared about my case.
Adam was great through the whole legal process. He was postive and open about sharing his legal strategy while tempering his enthusiasm by always letting me know the various possibilitie/outcomes (even the scary ones). It became clear to me that Adam knows the workings of 850 Bryant well. He immediately worked with the DA and judge to get the charges reduced to misdeamor charges.
Eventually Adam was able to get me into pre-trial diversion (which I technically was not eligible for since the assault charges involved injury). I was required to attend anger management classes and the charges were dismissed at the completion of this requirement.
I cannot thank Adam enough for his legal advice and strategy. I was terrified that this 1 mistake could effect my career. I could not imagine a better possible ootcome. Thank you Adam


Winning Lawyer

Adam represented me in three felony marijuana cases and each time the case was dismissed after Mr. Gasner's investigation showed the DA that I was a medical marijuana user.
In the most recent case, Mr. Gasner was successful in getting the SFPD to return 7.5 pounds that they had seized from me. This is the largest return of marijuana in California since Prop. 215 was enacted.
Adam is the most creative and diligent attorney I have ever used. He KNOWS how to win.
He also had my DUI in Napa dismissed!


Great help when in need!

I had a situation with the law quite some time ago, causing much stress and worry. The first thing I did was to look for a good defense attorney. After interviewing a couple of attorneys, I came across Adam Gasner. The fact that Adam was local to SF, very familiar with the local judicial system and genuinely concerned about my situation, convinced me to retain Mr. Gasner. I made the right choice. Mr. Gasner kept me well informed, made sure that I understood all of my options, and was not afraid to fight in court on my behalf. The outcome was very favorable. Thank You Mr. Gasner for helping me through my difficult times.


Client Review

With only having the pleasure of meeting Mr. Adam Gasner only 1 year ago , i have seen a tremendously great job in his work . He doesn't give up , he's professional , trustworthy, & very knowledgeable about his cases. I would 1,0001 % recommend him to handle any criminal defense case , thank you for your hard work & dedication , you're the best in all of northern ca .


Thank you

Adam Gasner was a real professional and he kept me informed about every step of my case.