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The US legal system is divided into two areas – civil and criminal law. Civil law covers things like divorce, estate planning, slip and fall accidents, and other matters where the law has not been broken. In criminal law cases, someone (you) has been charged with a crime of some type. Examples can include DUI, computer crimes, fraud, embezzlement, and other white collar crimes, assault, battery, and more.

If you have been charged with a crime, and there is evidence to support the case, you will eventually go through a criminal trial. At Gasner Criminal Law, we have years of experience in representing clients in a range of criminal trial settings, from local to state to federal courts. We have successfully represented clients accused of a wide range of crimes, as well. Contact us today at 415-782-6000 to learn more about how we can represent you in a court of law.

What Is a Criminal Trial?

Most of us are familiar with the concept of a criminal trial, thanks in large part to popular TV shows and movies. This is the period during which you will appear before a judge and jury and plead your case. Evidence against you will be presented by the prosecution, witnesses for and against you will be called to testify, and, ultimately, a guilty or not guilty verdict will be rendered. Based on that verdict, the judge will dismiss the charges against you (not guilty) or sentence you (guilty).

What Are the Differences in Various Criminal Trial Types?

There are two types of criminal trials in the state of California:

Local and State – State criminal trials involve misdemeanors at the local or state level. For instance, a minor shoplifting charge might be tried at the state level. However, federal courts may play a role in some cases of state law, particularly in the instance of a state law being challenged for being unconstitutional.

Federal – Federal cases generally involve felony crimes rather than misdemeanors. For instance, while shoplifting would be handled under state law, bank robbery is handled under federal law (if the bank in question was FDIC insured). Other examples include credit card fraud, identity theft, racketeering, and kidnapping to name just a few.

Whether you are facing misdemeanor charges or a felony, the right representation is essential. An experienced criminal law attorney can help ensure you are properly represented in a court of law and will fight for your rights and the best possible outcome for your case.

How Can Gasner Criminal Law Help with My Criminal Trial?

At Gasner Criminal Law, we have in-depth experience representing clients accused of crimes minor and major. We have successfully represented clients in both state and federal court. Adam Gasner is also one of just 400 California attorneys to earn the distinction of being a Board-Certified Criminal Law Specialist.

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