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With the technology boom of the past two decades, our lives have moved online. As the use of computers and the internet became more relevant, the government has codified many laws to regulate and control how we use the internet. Cybercrime law is a newer area of law, but one with serious punishments.

Cybercrimes are prosecuted under criminal law and can result in severe punishments. Conviction of a cybercrime may result in prison time, probation, or high dollar fines. This area of law is new and ever changing and it is important to have an experienced lawyer by your side. Keep reading to find out what you need to know about cyber crimes and how to best protect yourself.

What are Cyber Crimes?

Cybercrime, also spelled Cyber Crime, refers to any crime that is carried out over the internet or a network. Some of the most common cybercrimes are phishing scams where hackers have tried to obtain sensitive or personal information, identity theft, invasion of privacy, theft of financial or card payment data. Having illicit and illegal content on your personal computer or hard drive may also constitute a cybercrime.

How Does the Government Investigate Cyber Crimes?

Investigating cybercrimes is a complex issue. Citizens are entitled to their privacy, and this right extends to their computers. Any government investigation of your ISP will require a court issued warrant. The Federal government will need to meet the appropriate burden of proof and acquire the necessary warrants before investigating your personal and private devices.

Cybercrime attorney Adam Gasner is a trial attorney who practices in San Francisco near the heart of Silicon Valley. He is familiar with the relevant evidentiary and privacy questions involved throughout the investigation period. Determining whether or not the government obtained their evidence legally is a core issue in any cyber crime case. You are entitled to your right to privacy and often times what we see is government investigators committing their own cybercrimes by infringing on your right to privacy while conducting their investigations. An experienced cybercrime attorney will be familiar with the law and know what to look for to protect your rights.

Do I Need a Cyber Crime Specialist?

Some defendants waive their right to hire an attorney, but this is almost always an extremely precarious move with severe potential consequences. Cyber law is complex and requires an expert attorney -- preferably a Board Certified one -- who knows the law and is familiar with the technical details and legal protections that are available through due process.

Many times, a person can be wrongly accused of cybercrimes because of what is found on their computer or hard drive. An experienced attorney will know how to look for the evidence to rebut the prosecutor’s story. A lawyer with expertise in the field will know to look for evidence of viruses, bots, and hackers to clear your name.

Questions to Ask Your Cyber Crimes Attorney

Watch out for defense attorneys who take on any case no matter what the subject matter without having any experience. Your defense attorney should have a background in working on cybercrime cases and know the subject matter well. To help inform your decision and ensure that you will be receiving adequate representation, ask your lawyer these questions:

  • Do you have experience defending a client who has been charged with cybercrimes?
  • Are you familiar with the case law in our jurisdiction?
  • Have you taken a cybercrime case to trial?
  • Which cybercrimes do you have experience defending?
  • What are potential defense strategies for a cybercrime charge?
  • Have you had success in the past getting cybercrime charges dropped?

How Gasner Law Can Help

If you have been contacted by law enforcement regarding a cybercrime or formal charges have been brought against you, the first step is becoming informed and finding the right expert to work your case. It is important that you get to work as soon as possible, any time wasted could have a serious impact on the outcome of your case. Gasner Law has the expertise required to see you through your cybercrime charge and guarantees a thorough analysis of the charges brought against you and solid defense strategy. Call Gasner Law today at 415-782-6000.