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A wide range of behaviors can be combined under the larger heading of domestic violence. In fact, not all of these behaviors are physically violent, but they all can lead to long-standing consequences that affect your life in virtually every area, from your relationship to your employment standing and more.

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What Is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is actually not one type of criminal charge. Instead, it corresponds to a wide range of different actions you may be accused of taking against your spouse, significant other, children, or other individual within your domestic household. You may also hear domestic violence referred to as intimate partner violence, domestic abuse, or relationship abuse. It also does not require a relationship to be formalized in marriage. It can occur between two people who are dating, as well as between those who have been legally married for many years.

At its heart, domestic violence is not actually about physical confrontation. Instead, it is about power and control. The abuser (the one committing the act) uses a wide range of tactics in order to maintain control and power over the other person.

Is Domestic Violence Always Physical?

Domestic violence can take many forms, and can include the following:

  • Using intimidation through actions, gestures, and looks.
  • Using emotional abuse.
  • Using isolation to control another individual and his or her actions.
  • Using economic abuse.
  • Using male privilege.
  • Using children as leverage.

Many of the forms of domestic violence do not have a physical component. Instead, they include emotional and mental violence against another person. In addition, domestic violence is not always perpetrated by a male against a female. It can be male on male, female on female, adult on child, or even female on male.

What Are the Consequences of Domestic Violence?

The consequences of being charged with domestic violence can be incredibly far-reaching. Being found guilty of domestic violence can lead to being fired from your job, being ostracized from your circle of friends, even removed from social activities and organizations. This is on top of the legal consequences. Depending on the severity of the abuse and whether this was a first infraction, you could face community service, jail time, restraining orders, supervised visits with children, being required to take part in an intervention program, and even termination of your parental rights.

How Can Gasner Criminal Law Help?

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