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Criminal Defense Services and Practice Areas

Below is a list of Gasner Criminal Law practice areas for cases tried in San Francisco, California. Please contact us if you have questions regarding your case. The initial consultation is free and lasts for up to one hour, during which time we will present your options and decide whether you have a case and whether we can help. Here is an overview of our criminal defense services and some key practice areas.

Pretrial Hearing

We appear before the judge assigned to your case to establish the legal boundaries before trial. Depending on the circumstances of your case, we may make pre-trial motions regarding evidence, who may give testimony, what legal arguments can be made, and for dismissing the case. Gasner Criminal Law has achieved many dismissals in San Francisco.

Criminal Trial

Gasner Criminal Law is well regarded as one of the finest criminal defense law firms in San Francisco. He represents clients in both judge and jury trials and in Federal, State and Local courts. It has received numerous endorsements from judges, attorneys, prominent law firms, and prosecutors and is a Board-Certified in Criminal Law. It is almost always better to settle before going to trial, since it saves time, expense, and additional anxiety.


Should a trial result in a conviction, Gasner Criminal Law will file for an appeal and defend a client through the trial on appeal. If you are seeking a new attorney to handle an existing appeal, please contact our office and we will review and recommend the best course of action.

Key Practice Areas

Financial Crimes:

Facing criminal charges does not always mean that you have been accused of a violent crime. In fact, an entire class of crimes is set apart from those others. So-called white collar crimes differ greatly from other types of charges, but they still leave you facing legal charges that could mean significant jail time. In some cases, it could mean facing a prison sentence without the right representation.

Domestic Violence (DV):

A wide range of behaviors can be combined under the larger heading of domestic violence. In fact, not all of these behaviors are physically violent, but they all can lead to long-standing consequences that affect your life in virtually every area, from your relationship to your employment standing and more.


When most of us think about assault, we imagine someone attacking another person physically, either with their bare hands, or with a weapon of some sort. While that is one form of assault, this criminal charge can actually be leveled in many different situations. Often, even minor actions can be considered assault.

Sex Defense:

Sexual assault and sexual harassment have been making headlines for some time now, as more and more women come forward to confront their abusers. While that is laudable in instances where sexual assault or harassment actually occurred, not all such charges are substantiated. False charges, or situations blown out of proportion, can ruin lives and end careers.


Often, you hear the term “battery” used in conjunction with assault. For instance, someone who attacked another person might be charged with assault and battery. This makes it sound like a single charge, but the truth is that they are separate charges. Battery can be either a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the situation, and it can carry with it very serious consequences.

Driving on a Suspended License:

Suspending or revoking a driver’s license can be part of your punishment for any number of other infractions, including failure to pay child support, DUI, and accruing too many points on your license. If you are caught driving a vehicle while your license is suspended, you will face additional criminal charges.


In the state of California, both prostitution and solicitation are crimes and punishable under the law. However, what constitutes prostitution? What if you are arrested and charged, but are innocent? What actually constitutes prostitution in the eyes of the law?

Drug and Narcotic-Related Offenses:

Many state laws are designed to punish not drug dealers, but users, penalizing the people who most need our help. In California, a number of changes have been made to laws regarding drug legality, possession, and other aspects, leading to considerable confusion for residents of the state.

Cultivation, Sales, and Other Drug-Related Offenses:

Since California passed Prop. 47 in 2014, it has been legal to use marijuana recreationally – with some limits – and even to grow marijuana plants at your home for personal use. There is still a great deal of confusion in this area, however, that leads to some facing criminal charges for cultivation, sales, and other drug-related offenses.


Gasner Criminal Law recently defended a client from charges stemming from an accidental death during a weekend party. The client was charged with vehicular homicide with gross negligence and a Watson charge because there was a prior DUI charge. She was facing life in prison but got it settled for 10 years serving only 5 years without going to trial.

Federal Driving Under the Influence (Federal DUI Alcohol):

When a DUI arrest takes place on Federal Land or property, it falls under the jurisdiction of the United States government. This includes military bases, national forests, national parks, parking lots of federal buildings, and reservations. These cases are non-jury and overseen by a federal magistrate.

Driving While Impaired (DWI Drugs):

Marijuana is now permissible for medical and recreational use and while you can grow it at home, you should not smoke, eat THC-infused edibles or take prescription drugs before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Gasner Criminal Law is Ready to Defend You

Many people find our country’s legal system daunting, confusing, and sometimes infuriating. In tough circumstances, it is almost always better to find a sophisticated and savvy attorney who believes in your case and understands how to achieve the best possible outcome. Schedule a free consultation with one of the most respected criminal defense law firms in the San Francisco Bay Area.