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Pretrial Hearing

If you have been charged with a crime, you might assume that the trial itself will have the most impact on your future. While the trial itself is a critical process, the actual outcome is often decided long before you set foot in front of a jury. The pretrial hearing happens before the trial, and it lays the foundation for everything that will come later. At Gasner Criminal Law, we have years of experience representing clients facing criminal charges in the pretrial hearing all the way through the trial and appeals process.

What Is a Pretrial Hearing?

A pretrial hearing, sometimes called a pretrial conference, is a meeting of the defense, the prosecution, and the judge before a trial commences. If one party does not appear, the judge can impose sanctions. During this hearing, a range of documents may be presented, evidence can be presented and excluded, and more. It occurs before the preliminary hearing, but many things can be done at this time, such as:

  • Attorneys can file a range of motions.
  • Which evidence can be presented and which cannot.
  • The judge can determine if there is fair cause for a trial.
  • Plaintiffs can enter plea agreements.

Note that the pretrial hearing does not revolve around guilt or innocence, but the hearing does bear directly on the outcome of your case. It is essential that you attend a pretrial hearing with an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you.

Why Does a Pretrial Hearing Matter?

Your pretrial hearing is as important as the trial itself. In some ways, it may be more important. It is actually an opportunity to settle the case before going to trial. In some cases, there simply is not enough of a foundation to require the case move forward to trial. In others, substantiated technicalities may be enough to have the case thrown out. Some cases hinge on credibility, and if a witness is determined to be less than credible during the pretrial hearing, it can change the prosecution’s plan or the defense’s strategy in significant ways. If a resolution cannot be found, then the case will move forward to the preliminary hearing, which is essentially a trial before the trial.

How Can You Help with My Pretrial Hearing?

At Gasner Criminal Law, we have extensive experience representing clients through all stages of the legal process, from arraignment to pretrial hearings, to judge and jury trials, all the way through the appeals process. We bring that experience and expertise to bear in each case, helping to ensure the best possible outcome for you. In fact, Adam Gasner is one of only 400 attorneys in California to earn the distinction of being a Board-Certified Specialist in Criminal Law.

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