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Every year, Gasner Criminal Law defends hundreds of individuals accused of narcotics cases, burglary, armed robbery, check fraud, Driving Under the Influence (DUI), resisting arrest, assault with a deadly weapon, domestic violence, check fraud, shoplifting, homicide, fraud, and other crimes. While not complete, the list below represents the breadth of this practice and its exceptional legal acumen.

It would be cynical to say that prosecutors are more interested in getting a conviction then putting the real criminal behind bars, but it is also true that prosecutors and police sometimes stretch or even abuse the truth in order to get a guilty verdict against innocent people. The list below is a sampling of the dismissals won by Gasner Criminal Law in court. When a case is dismissed, it means that all charges are dropped. Every instance of dismissal below is on the public record. The initial "P." stands for People, as in the "People vs. Eva P."

It’s an extraordinary record. Discover your legal options by contacting Gasner Criminal Law to schedule a consultation. The initial consultation is free.